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"Meet the Alinker Brand Ambassadors..."

We are thrilled to introduce the ability inclusion champions who have accepted the Alinker Brand Ambassador role for various regions of the world. These are outstanding individuals who are now leading our Innovation for Inclusion mission, inspiring people through their exceptional work, thus helping build the inclusive community we have envisioned.

"When I first saw the Alinker, it was the racecar yellow color that caught my attention, followed by my thought that it looked like no mobility device I had ever seen.

Before I was sold on the idea of the Alinker, I was sold on Barbara’s vision. I was taken aback by the stories of the people helped by the device and simultaneously, I started thinking about people I could reach out to who would love to give it a try and who would benefit from it greatly.

Of course, being a bilateral below knee amputee, I didn’t think it would be useful to me. And then I sat on it and gave it a try. I realized that Barbara and Leon, made it look easy. I also realized that after so many years, I finally felt my hamstrings really work. Suffice it to say that after 15 minutes, my legs were burning, and I knew I wanted one.

For many, the Alinker is about giving people with mobility challenges the freedom to stay or become active again. To some, It’s about not accepting the norm, and challenging the status quo. And to others, It’s about creativity and innovation with a social conscience. But for me, it’s a device to help me on the road to achieving my goal of living a healthy and independent life. For all these reasons and many more, I am so glad I found the Alinker."
— Felicia Voss-Shafiq SAP Senior Support Engineer, Canadian Paralympian.
Alinker Brand Ambassador Canada.

"Being an Alinker Ambassador for The United States will allow me to introduce an alternative to amputees. The comfortability and design of the Alinker make it easy for me to walk while exercising my leg. I'm looking forward to creating positive influence and impact with the brand."

I was introduced to the Alinker at my Bezgraniz Couture fashion show at L.A. fashion Week in October 2016. I didn't think I would be able to ride a bike since I only have one leg. The Alinker's design allows me to move around with ease and comfort. Who would I recommend the Alinker to? Anyone looking for a non-traditional bike alternative whether you're an amputee, elderly person, or anyone who needs to build more circulation in their legs.

Being an amputee has its challenges. I never thought I would be able to ride a bike again after losing my leg to bone cancer. The Alinker changed my life! I now travel around my neighborhood with ease and comfort when I need to run a quick errand. I can now keep up with my friends & family. YES!”
— Jerris Madison (44) Los Angeles, California, USA Photographer. Influencer. Editor in Chief of OBVIOUS Magazine.
#250KChallenge Competitor.
Alinker Brand Ambassador for North America.

"Hoorah, for LinkedIn! That's how I was introduced to Barbara Alink and the Alinker just some months ago. Upon its arrival, I looked forward to unpacking and assembling my very own; all but 10-15 minutes of it, I was thrilled to test it out and realized how forward thinking the concept was.

I began to think of all the ways this could enhance, encourage and entice others to connect with the outdoors thus creating a connection to mind, body, soul and spirit. A few things that are crucial and necessary in any form of rehabilitation or conscious movement.

So far, every time I take it for a spin I'm immediately approached or asked details about the concept behind it. I so wish the Alinker would have been available some nine years ago when I was on crutches, my experience would have been so different.

Now as a new Brand Ambassador for Alinker, I'm empowered to mentor, inspire, motivate other fellow veterans, active older adults, anyone experiencing challenges to have a choice or alternative in how they move their bodies, one step at a time."
— Laura Ortiz (47), Miami, Florida, USA Recreation Specialist for Miami Dade Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces. Veteran. Adaptive Athlete. Track Paralympian. Paratriathlete. Peer Specialist. Outreach Yoga Instructor. Fitness Instructor.
Alinker Brand Ambassador for North America.

“I am an ability crusader, a blogger, a model and a designer. I’m passionate about universal design and inclusion. I live with a spinal cord injury and use a cane and manual wheelchair for mobility every day.

I am currently working on my walking canes, have an inclusive dance class, am an ambassador for an inclusive media organization, am involved with Spinal Cord Injuries Australia, and on the Access committee for my local council... I have several other things in the works BUT I always have time for more.

My passion for universal design and inclusion developed out of necessity. When a spinal cord stroke left me with incomplete paralysis, I suddenly found myself in an environment and a society that were no longer built for me. After years of exerting energy on trying to adapt, I decided to educate the world on my needs and wants with the hope that maybe something would change.

My first encounter with the Alinker was in Los Angeles at LA Fashion Week. I was modeling for Bezgraniz Couture, an inclusive fashion label, and the Alinker was featured during their show. From the moment I saw it I was hooked. To me, this product is the epitome of purposeful design and universal thinking.
— Angel Dixon (Port Macquarie, Australia) Alinker Brand Ambassador Australia.

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