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Barbara Alink

Barbara Alink

CEO & Co-founder

Barbara left the Netherlands because she experienced the absence of meaningful community. Alink felt confined by the social conventions of Western society and decided to find a place where her soul could be free. While travelling through Kenya, Kosovo, Ethiopia, The Sudan and Indonesia, her soul came home in Afghanistan where she lived for 3.5 years. She lived in local communities and worked a total of 10-years managing reconstruction and restoration projects. Barbara brings the diversity of her experiences to connect people through design with the intention to help us build a more inclusive global community. Barbara refers to her Alinker bike as a vehicle for social change.


Leon van der Poel


Leon is a versatile executive with over 25 years of international experience and a background in Business Development, Sales, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, and Licensing as well as more technical roles including Product Management. As part of the management team his focus as COO is on developing strategic goals, building an inclusive team, an operating plan that scales with the business. His vision is to see an Alinker on the street everyday, everywhere.

In previous roles he has been able to positively impact revenue by leveraging partnerships, identifying new opportunities, and reduce costs and liabilities for the business. In addition to being passionate about health and wellness, and the impact the Alinker has on people’s lives, he is also a Mentor with the Entrepreneurship program at the University of British Columbia.


Tania Lo


Tania has over 15 years of experience in financial and operations management, specializing in working with executive teams to build and refine their business models all while streamlining business processes. She is a master at creating calm from chaos and embraces the entrepreneurial spirit where there is always a solution if you know where you are going.

An affiliate with Tandem Accounting Group, Tania has also been a part of the management team at Vancouver Bike Share, the Startup and Innovation School at Tamwood Careers, Momentum Mag and the Electric Bike Library.

Tania is a mentor at the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, Futurpreneur and is on the Board of Directors at West Coast Environmental Law. A mother of two young children she fondly remembers that time she rode her bicycle 16,000 km from Bolivia to the Arctic Circle.


Sreejayan Rama Syam

Product Manager & Customer Relations Officer

Sreejayan is a Product Manager with over 3 years of Business Development experience across multi-national organizations. Through this position, he has analyzed market process flows and introduced a systematic approach to capture market value for each specific market. His MBA experience and internship have enabled him to gain significant expertise in customer profiling and designing positioning strategies to secure business.




A Certified BCorporation with offices in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, August is an award-winning technology-led creative company dedicated to creating amazing brand and digital experiences. Our strategic approach and obsession with effective tactical execution has helped us win accolades for hundreds of digital campaigns and projects over the past decade that demonstrates our ability to build valuable, sustainable business solutions. August are proud to partner with and support The Alinker as part of their team.

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